Photo Galleries

2008 England Tour

Bristol Morris, Chapping Camden, Illmington, Headington, Icknield Way Morris, Banbury, Bay Revellers and Rattlejag Morris, Lea-on-Sea.


Fred Kedney, Bear Stage Project, May Day, Powderhorn, July 4th, LRT Dance Out with Ramsey’s Braggarts


Midwest Morris Ale, Summer Solstice Dance Out, Camp Snoopy Premiere, LRT Dance Out with Ramsey’s Braggarts, Edina Independence Day Parade, Morgan Creek Wine Tasting and Tours, Minnesota Renaissance Festival

1998 England Tour

Morris Ring meeting at Chipping Camden, Gloustershire Morris, Adderbury, Lea-on-Sea & Dark Horse Morris, Windsor, and Bampton.

1975 Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Ed has been digging through his photo archive and has come up with some real treasures.

The Melk

Melk Logo Jim Brickwedde discovered an etched glass Elk Rampant at the Marlboro Hotel in Winnipeg. Since one quadruped ungulate looks much like another except for the horns, felt-tipped pen replaced tiny Elk tines with the massive rack of a Moose and The Minnesota Traditional Morris Melk was born.