For the latest information on gigs, appearances, and other Morris-sighting opportunities consult our public FaceBook page.


Seasonal Events

Winter Solstice

We are a mostly Cotswold side (team) but a number of members also enjoy English Clogging, Border Morris, Rapper and Long Sword, as well as Mumming and Molly Dancing.


Apprentice Classes

We typically runs an apprentice class in January where those new to Morris can learn the basics. Not every year, so check FaceBook or Contact the Squire if you're interested.


Mayday Morning

We can be found on the banks of the Mississippi every Mayday morning at 6:02 am (local sunrise on that date). We roast Easter Peep marshmallows over the coals of last year's Yule log or Christmas trees while the more adventurous leap over the fire in an homage to Lammas. How's that for mixed metaphors? Then off to a local eatery for breakfast. "Guerrilla Morris" follows through-out the day. Where? Well, if we told you, it wouldn't be Guerrilla would it?

Finally, at 6pm, MTM and other teams gather at opposite ends of Nicollet Mall to converge, dancing, on the city's largest fertility symbol (the IDS Building). Dancing continues until hunger (or thirst) overtake, when we'll adjourn to a local pub.


Fourth of July Parade

We've been performing at the Edina city parade for 20 years. This gets off around 10am when its still cool. Occasionally we've been seen in the Richfield paraded latter in the day, but not for a few years.


Renaissance Festival

Seven weekends (all of September plus enough August to make 7) and Labor Day, you can find us at the "Bear Stage" four times a day and in the parade. Check the schedule or ask any of the friendly costumed inhabitant of this magic kingdom. Huzzah!


Cambria Crush

We entertain the guests at Morgan Creek's annual grape-stomping contest. There are two heats, and space it limited, so sign-up early for a chance remove your shoes and see who can make the most grape juice. The juice, after careful measurement, is dumped in the fields - none is used to make the fine wines which you can also sample.


Hiatus, Halloween

After September, the official Costwold season ends, while the more intrepid and energetic souls form various sides start their Border & Mumming rehearsals. There's often a dance-out on Halloween.