Morris Related Links

Aunt Sally

... is a really odd variation of a horse-shoe kind of game. Well I should say that horse-shoes is an odd variant of Aunt Sally. Paul says, ”This talks about Aunt Sally, but more importantly, it shows Adderbury Morris Men playing it.”

Bells of the North Morris

Minneapolis's own ladies Morris side. A growing team of strong dancers! And a helluva lot better looking than we are...

British Life, Culture and Customs

While not definitive this site is an amazingly rich synopsis of things Morris folks celebrate.

Country Dance and Song Society

Lotsa cool folksy kind of stuff for the consummate folk dancer, singer, and the occasional lost liberal.

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

The official website of the Renaissance Festival at which MTM is something of a fixture albeit an old and rusty one. Advertisement aimed at the patron.

Midwest Morris Ale

The Midwest Morris person’s equivalent to a hajj except without the goat and with ale. OK! it’s not at all like a hajj but we do travel to it religiously every year.

Morgan Creek Vineyards

A little homage to the grandest hosts in all Morrisdom, George and Paula Marti. The fact that they make and sell mighty gol-durn tasty wines doesn’t hurt either well, not until the next day anyway.

Mudcat Cafe

I don’t know exactly what a “mud cat” is but this site is a lot of fun for us singing cats. Not definitive, maybe, but close enough.

Ramsay’s Braggarts

These high flyin’ guys round out the Minneapolis / St. Paul Morris community. Dancing the Bleddington style WITH style!

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society

In the old days this link would have been called aiding the enemy. But as few of us are really British and few of them are really Scottish... Fun dancing for men & women!

Tapestry Folkdance Center

This is where MTM rehearses in beautiful South Minneapolis. It’s home to many folkdance groups and has some great Contra Dancing and other really fun events.

Uptown on Calhoun Morris

To call this side a “mixed” Morris team is an understatement! These lads and lasses are anything but “traditional” in their Morris stylings. Always good for a grin!